Question Time! The Final Fantasy Mixtape Challenge! →


Today marks the North American release for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, and to commemorate it Kotaku has an article (linked in the post title) out asking its readers to make a soundtrack to their dream Final Fantasy game composed of 16 of their favorite FF themes. I thought I’d ask the same of you all!

1. Prelude or Opening Theme
2. Town Music
3. Overworld/Field/World Map Music
4. Main Character Theme
5. Secondary Character Theme (We should have at least one other member in our party even if the party calls for 3 or 4. We’re going to limit it to one for this mixtape)
6. Villain Theme
7. Normal Battle Music
8. Town in Trouble/Tragedy/Major Event Music
9. Boss Battle Theme
10. Chocobo Theme
11. Airship Theme
12. World in Crisis or Heroes Resolve
13. Final Dungeon
14. First Stage Boss Battle
15. Final Boss Theme
16. Ending Credits/Staff Roll

1. Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~, Final Fantasy X-2
2. Servants of the Mountain, Final Fantasy X
3. Crossing Those Hills, Final Fantasy IX
4. Terra’s Theme, Final Fantasy VI
5. Freya’s Theme, Final Fantasy IX
6. Battle with Golbez’s Four Emperors, Final Fantasy IV
7. The Man with the Machine Gun, Final Fantasy VIII
8. Assault, Final Fantasy X
9. Force Your Way, Final Fantasy VIII
10. Ukele le Chocobo, Final Fantasy IX
11. Ride On, Final Fantasy VIII
12. Assault of the Silver Dragons, Final Fantasy IX
13. An Ancient Hymn Sung by the Water, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
14. Maybe I’m a Lion, Final Fantasy VIII
15. Final Battle, Final Fantasy X
16. Fulfilled Desire, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

So much has happened. And I’m sure it’s only the beginning. Through the smiles and tears, through the anger… and the laughter that follows… I know that I’ll keep changing.